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Shyam Palace Cinema

Shyam Palace Cinema is a leading entertainment venue offering a premium cinematic experience.
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Shyam Palace Cinema
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Anuj SahuAnuj Sahu
18:29 05 Dec 23
Nice theatre and no more costlyEvery thing is good price pointsNice seats in low price point
10:12 05 Dec 23
It is a very amazing place, go with friends and enjoy a lot in 70 rupees. Washrooms are in good condition.
Abhishek KashyapAbhishek Kashyap
21:24 04 Dec 23
Price is low and screaning and sound system was very good only for boys this is osm and if you go with your family make sure it's noon show or morning show and go for balcony ticket
Alester MeezanAlester Meezan
12:28 03 Dec 23
The theatre screen is good and sound is also ok but the seats in the theatre are old and some of those smell badSo overall my experience is not so good that's why I am giving it 3 stars just for the screen and sound of the theatre 👍
Thakur SahabThakur Sahab
17:32 03 Nov 23
It's okay like if you are paying 100 rs then can go for other newly built cinemas as it is old and not having enough facilities and qualities of sound is also not good like you will be feeling the beat of Aniruddh Bgm and it will like an old hall so it is high time for the renovation of this thank you
21:08 29 Oct 23
In this cinema all the things are good but old and low quality things are mostly happen want to take some special things then you have to come some distance which is a minor point otherwise overall all the things are very good.if you want to go and stay there then thing whatever I am saying but this palace is giving you a extra attention.This place is also very good here a lots of enjoyment present.but a lots of things are missing.
Astik SoniAstik Soni
16:52 16 May 23
Shyam Palace, located in Kanpur, is a movie theatre that offers affordable ticket prices ranging from 60 to 90 rupees. While the low cost may initially seem appealing, the overall quality of the theatre leaves much to be desired.One of the major drawbacks of Shyam Palace is its lackluster facilities. The seating arrangements are uncomfortable, with worn-out chairs that provide minimal support. Additionally, the overall cleanliness of the theatre is subpar, with dirty floors and poorly maintained restrooms. These factors significantly diminish the overall movie-watching experience.Another issue is the audio and visual quality. The sound system is often muffled and lacks clarity, making it difficult to fully immerse oneself in the film. The picture quality is mediocre at best, with occasional blurriness and inconsistencies.Moreover, the customer service at Shyam Palace is below average. The staff members are often unhelpful and inattentive, showing a lack of professionalism. This further dampens the overall experience and leaves patrons feeling dissatisfied.While Shyam Palace may be an affordable option for those on a tight budget, it falls short in terms of quality. The uncomfortable seating, lack of cleanliness, subpar audio and visual quality, and unimpressive customer service make it difficult to recommend this theatre for an enjoyable movie-watching experience. It is worth considering other options in Kanpur that offer a better overall experience, even if it means spending a little more.

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Shyam Palace Cinema

Shyam Palace Cinema is a leading entertainment venue offering a premium cinematic experience. Boasting advanced air-conditioning, the cinema ensures a comfortable setting for moviegoers. The highlight is its cutting-edge Digital Sound 7.1 channel system, powered by JBL, delivering a captivating and immersive audio experience. Shyam Palace Cinema is the go-to destination for those seeking top-notch audio-visual quality and a luxurious movie-watching environment.

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Go-to destination for those seeking top-notch audio-visual quality and a luxurious movie-watching environment.
Comfortable Seats

Comfortable Seats

Sink into plush, ergonomic seating designed for optimal relaxation, ensuring that every moment spent at Shyam Palace Cinema is as comfortable as it is entertaining.



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